Conference Tracks

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Improving the educational services to learners of underprivileged families,
  2. Utilizing the educational technologies in learning,
  3. Strengthening the role of counselors of language in education,
  4. Increasing of competence of language education and /or arts and literature teaching in global context,
  5. Increasing the role of the social science-humanities education in the development of multi cultural consciousness,
  6. Improving the quality of mathematics and science teaching and learning process,
  7. Improving the development of qualified preschool and primary education,
  8. Improving the quality of accountable management education through the development of school-based management,
  9. Enhancing the development of vocational education to meet the global labor market,
  10. Civilizing healthy lifestyle and coaching outstanding athletes.